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Interview - PESTILENCE

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Martín: Hi Patrick! There is a new PESTILENCE album after 15 years. How do you feel with this resurrection of the band? Is there any changes?

Patrick: It feels just great being back. We have almost the whole testimony line-up complete. The only difference is the mighty Peter Wildoer on drums!!!

M: Your sounding is more abrasive and brutal than ever. Tell us about the recording sessions and the production of “Resurrection Macabre”.

P: Just a way better production than ever due to the collaboration with Jacob Hansen!!!
We recorded the whole album separately and so it was quite clinical.

M: What do you do to keep your voice in shape?

P: Nothing in particular, just drink a lot of whiskey and milk will do the trick!!!

M: Is there a main concept behind the album? What about the lyrics?

P: No real concept, just real topics that touch greed, hate, love, pain, addiction and such…

M: How was the process to create that kind of music full of brutality and dark atmospheres?

P: Just me behind the pc and working my ass off using cubase. Nothing too crazy.

M: PESTILENCE is a part of Death Metal history. What is your opinion about the evolution of this gender and the new waves?

P: It’s getting more brutal and twisted, which is a good think. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the no structure-song using a million riffs.


M: Do you see Death Metal as something positive or a complete madness?

P: It’s a good outlet of agression without violence (most of the time hahaha)

M: There are three classic songs from the first albums of PESTILENCE in the new album as bonus tracks. Why these songs?

P: They were voted for by the fans.

M: Your last studio album “Spheres” was far ahead of its time. How do you see it nowadays?

P: As the most non-typical Pestilence album….Not the best Pestilence album I think…

M: What can we expect about PESTILENCE´s live on stage?

P: Good musicianship, chemistry and fun on stage. Don’t forget BRUTAL!!!!

M: What is your opinion about the internet and mp3 downloads?

P: Well, mp3 quality isn’t as good as cd, but everybody downloads, that’s just a fact of life. I guess, just live with it….It’s larger than life.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

P: Farewell my beloved friends………

Patrick Mameli.

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