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Interview - DISBELIEF

English text
Martín: Hello! DISBELIEF is a long career band, how do you see the evolution of the band through these years?

Joe: We could establish our own style and increase the number of fans all over Europe!

Musically we improved as well and tried always not to repeat ourselves!

M: Tell us about the birth of your new album “Protected Hell” and its main concept.

J:When we started with songwriting in June 2008 Jagger pretty soon had the idea of the title PROTECTED HELL!! I think the main lyrical concept is about humans who turn humans live into hell!!In our daily routine crazy things are happening – war, rape, hijacking and all those things seem to go extreme!!

M: What themes inspire the songs?

J: It is the other way round – Jagger is inspired by the music and then he starts writing!!

In A PLACE TO HIDE a famous hijacking in Austria of Natascha Kampusch who was kept in prison for several years is discribed! The situation of being helpless towards the man who keeps you as a slave! The song contains the fears, pain but also the release of this horror – scene!!

M: How were the recording sessions of the album? Are you satisfied with the results?

J: Yes, very much! Michael Mainx who also produced the previous album NAVIGATOR did a fantastic job and made the album sound aggressive and atmospheric as well!! He is a cool guy to work with and a friend of mine since 20 years! It took 5 weeks for the recordings, mixing and mastering!

M: How it is the process to compose this kind of music?

J: When I have the feeling to start songwriting I go ahead and everything else follows step by step! I let the other guys hear my ideas that I recorded via home recording based on drum-tracks and together we decide which riffs are worth to use as song basements!

Then arrangements follow, melodies are added, the vocals get in progress and after
6 month the album was composed! Sounds easy, but of course there are also gaps of creativity which cost a lot of time and cause frustration but in the end we always succeed!


M: Are you planning to film a new video for one of your songs?

J: It is already done for A PLACE TO HIDE and you can have a look on it at our MySpace site!!

M: What can we expect about DISBELIEF´s live on stage?

J: Pure energy and the same atmosphere as on the album! DISBELIEF is a band you can mosh and headbang but also close your eyes and listen!!

M: Your top five albums?

ISIS - Wavering Radiant
NORTH - What you were
ROSETTA - Wake/Lift
HACRIDE - Lazarus
BLACKMAIL - Tempo, Tempo

M: The Metal scene in Germany seems to be very strong. How do you see it from the inside?

J: Yes it is and it is always fun to do shows in Germany, but also in other European countries the metal is growing and growing, we did shows in France, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and everywhere we had a good feeling!!

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

J: I just want to invite everyone in Spain to listen to PROTECTED HELL, it is worth doing it! And with our new Spanish guitarist Alejandro Varela we hope to appear more often in your country!! Cheerz Joe and DISBELIEF.

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