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God Dethroned
Martín: Hi there! Your new album is out now, can you tell us about GOD DETHRONED´s evolution through these years?

Henri: We have become a great band ha ha ha !!!
Still writing good music and still eager to tour the world.

M: GOD DETHRONED had line up changes recently. Tell us about your new guitar player.

H: Isaac Delahaye decided to leave the band so I wrote and recorded the new album Passiondale on my own. After it was finished we started looking for a new guitar player. Our new guitar player is a woman called Susan Gerl. We all knew her already for some years and we knew she’s really fanatic and professional.
She’s the right person to replace Isaac and it’s great to have a woman in the band for a change !

M: “Passiondale” is related with World War One. Why this fascination with the Great War?

H: Yeah I got very interested by World War One. It happened during those days I visited our former guitar player Isaac Delahaye. He lives in a city called Ypres in Belgium. The majority of the battles of World War One took place there. So I started digging in it’s history and decided to write a concept album about it. The armies were stuck in the trenches there and in the little village Passchendaele for 4 years. It was a sick war and I tried to describe it as objective as possible.

The English speaking armies couldn’t pronounce Passchendaele so they nicknamed it to Passiondale.

M: How were the recording sessions? Are you satisfied with the results?

H: The recordings went really easy. I was well prepared and it didn’t take long to record everything. This time we spent a lot of time on the mix and the mastering.
I think the result is perfect. The album sounds very well, but also extremely heavy and brutal.

God Dethroned

M: I think the new album shows different faces from GOD DETHRONED with songs such as “Passiondale”, “Under A Darkening Sky”, “No Survivors” or “Poison Fog” among others. Did you want to show all your skills?

H: No we just wanted to show that we can write good songs. We always write albums with a lot of diversity between the songs. It keeps it interesting for the listener and it’s a challenge for us to keep songwriting interesting. We played fast and furious parts to represent the battles of the war and the melodic more melancholic parts to represent the misery and death.

M: Are you planning to film a video for one of the new songs?

H: Yes we are working on a video clip for the song Drowning in Mud. We are making it like you are watching to an old film from the time of the war. Like it’s filmed in 1914… It should be finished in a few weeks and people can then check it out on our website.

M: How do you see the evolution of Death Metal scene from the inside?

H: I don’t know if Death Metal really went through an evolution. The good bands from the past are still there and it seems like many of the newcomer bands are just copying the style of the old bands, so it seems like not much has changed over the years. Of course there are some new good bands too.

M: You top five albums?

1. Left Hand Path – Entombed
2. Like an Everflowing Stream – Dismember
3. Altars of Madness – Morbid Angel
4. Those Once Loyal – Bolt Thrower
5. The Arrival - Hypocrisy

M: What is your opinion about music in our days with the internet and mp3 downloads?

H: Downloading is of course bad for cd sales nowadays. On the other hand internet is a perfect tool for promoting your band. So it’s a bit difficult sometimes to say whether internet is a good or a bad thing. Fact is that record companies and magazines are suffering from the downloading and that there’s less money available to record albums and to do advertisement.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

H: See us live or rot in hell !!!

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