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Interview - WATCH ME BLEED

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Watch Me Bleed
Martín: Hello! First of all introduce WATCH ME BLEED and its foundation.

Chris: WMB is Markus Pohl on guitar, Steffen Theurer banging the drums, Michael Vetter on bass-guitar and Chris Rodens & Maggo Wenzel screaming and growling like angry demons. We founded this band in the spring of 2007 and had our first show a couple of weeks after the first rehearsal. That was a little bit scary, because some songs didn’t even have titles but the reactions showed us that we were on the right way. We played a couple of more shows then and started working on “Souldrinker” was all kinda fast, but that’s metal at all!!!

M: Tell us about the birth of your debut album “Souldrinker” and its details.

C: We wanted to create a real aggressive piece of music. “No limits” was the number-one-rule when it comes to the song writing. “Metal!!!” was rule number two. Markus (Pohl – guitar) came up with so many great ideas, it was a real blast. He was his own boss, no restrictions...and the songs turned out to be real good. “Souldrinker” was born...

M: How were the recording sessions of the album? Are you satisfied with the results?

C: Drums were recorded at the Spacelab-Studios ( Moschus (our producer Christina “Moschus” Moos) is kinda an old-school-guy. He knows how to record real drums. And that was very important to us. REAL DRUMS!!! No computer-programmed-bullshit like most of this extrem-stuff you can hear nowadays. This is so listen to those cds and to these unbelievable drumparts...but when it comes to playing live most of these “drummers” fuck up. What you can hear on “Souldrinker” is played by real programming, no auto-tune, no fake...

Guitars and Bass were recorded at Markus own little home-studio. And the vocals were done in the studio of a friend. Mixing was done by Moschus again. And he delivered a great sound. In-your-face, raw and with a lot of power. We could not been happier, when we heard the first mixes.

You know, there are always little things you want to change, after everything is finished. But that shows us that we have enough room for improving ourselves next time. We’re very happy with the result and we’re looking forward to play the songs live.

M: Your sound is as powerful as varied. How do you describe your own music?

C: That’s always a little bit hard for a musician to describe his own music. We call it Blood-Metal!!! Why? It could be all and’s basically Metal with a lot of ingredients. There is Thrash, Death, can find some Rock-Riffs. We have a lot of influences in this band and we try to mix this in our own way...once again I have to quote myself: No limits!!!

HMMM...maybe there is one little limit: No clean-emostyle-bullshit-vocals!!! That’s something the whole band can’t stand. I know, we do have clean vocals in one song, but that was our buddy Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm, Symphorce) and he is one of the best metal-voices around. He is the man!!!

Watch Me Bleed

M: Some of you are involved in other bands, so, is this a main band or a side project?

C: It’s a main band. Fuck that side-project-thing!!! Who needs that? Normally it’s just a way to squeeze more money from the fans. And mostly all those “side-projects” sound exactly like the main bands of that musicians. I hate that bullshit.

WMB is a real band, we’re not only partners-in-crime, we’re friends!!! We laugh, drink, scream and party together. Five people who play the music they want and feel to. Maybe it’s more of a band than some of the other bands we’re involved in.

We put so much heart-blood in this album and all the things around it, that we could never consider it a side-project. We love what we do here and there will be much more of it in the future.

M: Talking about the lyrics, what themes inspire the songs?

C: There are a lot of different topics on this record. Some lyrics are more personally, some stuff about society nowadays (Burn down hope), others are more ironically like “SixSixSeven”, that tells the story of how it would be to live next to the devil or “Jackhammer” where we try to tell everybody that we are heavy as fuck and metal as hell!!!

There is some horror-stuff like “Where darkness hides” and a couple of songs about something I don’t want to tell you... if someone gets a clue and tells me the meaning...we gonna pay the beer for his next party 

M: Tell us about the cover artwork of “Souldrinker”.

C: It was done by Matthias from SeasonZero ( We told him about our ideas, did a photosession with this beautiful model and he came up with this amazing artwork. It supports the music very well. It’s dark, gloomy and a little bit terrifying... and she is sexy as hell, if you like to see it from that direction. The booklet is done like a diary from a serial-killer with a lot of photos, blood spilled everywhere, fingerprints... it looks used and old. It’s a blast...

M: Many extreme bands are making videos to promote their songs. Are you planning to film a video for one of your songs?

C: We already did that. We shot a video for “Bloodred Rain” It can be viewed here: And we’ll shoot a second video in December... so there will be more mayhem soon!!!

M: What can we expect about WATCH ME BLEED´s live on stage?

C: Blood, Fuck, Metal!!! All the way. It’s metal all the way...and with two singers there is a hell of action on stage. We’re doing some single shows in the next month and we’ll start touring in march/april next year.

It’s just in-your-face... we love to play live and we like to give the people a good show and a good time!!!

M: The Metal scene in Germany seems to be very strong. How do you see it from the inside?

C: It’s big... a lot of bands, labels and clubs...makes it easy to play and get your music out to the fans. On the other hand there is a lot competition. And the fans are very have to be honest and real...they knew when it’s a fake.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

C: Thanks for this interview. To everybody out there...give us a try!!! You won’t be disapointed. Blood!! Fuck!!! Metal!!!

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