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Martín: Hello! First of all introduce SYCRONOMICA and its musical career to our readers.

Johannes: Hey Martin, in 2009 Sycronomica stands for atmospheric as well as epic and symphonic sound, but also for progressive and technically demanding black metal that features sophisticated melodic structures as well as complex riffing, and extreme vocals that sometimes are interpersed with a classical opera singer.

Sycronomica emerged in the winter of 1997 and produced three demo CDs that were sold out quickly. In 2004 we released our first full length album “Paths” via Black Attakk. This CD reflects the early years of Sycronomica and has therefore a very unique charm. Our basic style - epic melodic keyboard based black metal – is already obvious on this CD however not in such a sophisticated way like today. In 2006 our second Album “Gate” was released by Armageddon Music. The main musical difference from the first to the second Album is the addition of a second guitarist in the band´s line up. So the guitars got stronger and the keyboard got a bit in the background, since many melodies are played now by the guitars and not anymore by the keys. The reactions on our second album were quite good and one can say we matured with it. In my opinion Sycroscope is a direct advancement to Gate…the basic style is the same, however we began working with opera vocals beside the typical harsh voice.

Besides creating music we played of course tons of gigs and tours in the last years not only in Germany but also in neighboring countries sadly not in Spain.

M: Your new album “Sycroscope” is full of darkness and epic feelings. Why this connection?

J: Well, basically we have chosen this connection since we like especially this style of black metal. Dark structures that are interspersed with epic moments are a very powerful mixture, since they are in a kind of opposition and in combination they sustain each other. One also finds similar combination in good films at least of the style I like.

M: How it is the process to compose this kind of music?

J: Our main composer is our keyboard player Florian but also the other members create parts from time to time. So whoever created a riff or a melody takes it to the band rehearsal and then we work together out how to arrange this and we decide which parts we put next etc... So our songs emerge step by step. When the music is basically finished lyrics are drafted – normally our singer Oliver does this – and then the vocals are added to the song. If all is fine the song is finished, if not we go over it again, and again...

M: Is there a main concept behind the album? What about the lyrics?

J: The lyrical main theme on the album is visuals - mainly light phenomena. The name Sycroscope is a mix of “Kaleidoscope” – the title of one song on the album and of course the band´s name. The word “kaleidoscope” comes from the Greek and means seeing beautiful images. As we do not present beautiful images but Sycronomica´s rather dark and epic visions and themes we called the album Sycroscope. So one finds lyrics about visuals especially light phenomena e.g. ghost light, but also the metaphorical use of fire in the songs “Embers” or “Ground on Fire”. However not all songs on the record fit in this theme, since we didn´t want to be too limited. “An der Schwelle” deals for example with the controversial topic of suicide.

M: Tell us about the recording sessions and the production of “Sycroscope”.

J: The sessions took place in July and August this year. It was a quite complex process since in addition to the six musicians of Sycronomica we also forced ;) some classical musicians like the opera singer or the violin player in the studio to create our vision.

We recorded Sycroscope in Munich´s famous Helion Studios. These studios are the home for many successful bands for example the well known Equilibrium. Our other albums were also recorded there and we really like the guys from the studio.


M: The cover artwork shows a mysterious painting. Tell us about it.

J: The artwork was created by our drummer Michael and basically the painting is open for interpretation. The circle should show you that you are looking through a Sycroscope and like looking through a kaleidoscope you will never see exactly the same things...

However the idea Michael had in mind when he painted the image is that the big fire with the dark figures around it is a birth place for fen fires which lead people to perdition. The shadows around the fire make a kind of ritual and the fen fires come into being and leave the fire to lead people to misery. So the idea of the artwork represents the general theme of the records light phenomena. It is however not exactly the story of one song, although the song “Geleit ins Moor” is about fen fires that lead someone to death.

M: What can we expect about SYCRONOMICA´s live on stage?

J: Energetic shows full of blood sweats and vomit...haha. Ok that´s maybe not all the truth but we are very energetic on stage and deliver therefore strong performances where you can feel the epic and dark moments even more intensive than on the album. So... somebody from Spain book us you won´t be disappointed!

M: Can you choose two bands or artists with different styles that influenced you to be a musician?

J: Me, personally - Ok...first of all my sisters;). I started playing the first instruments with about six years and the reason for doing it were my older sisters that were very much into music. They were playing all the time and I thought I wanna also do this. Two famous musicians that influence me as a musician are for metal Borknagar and non metal Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I think both artists combine darkness and moments of absolute grandeur that´s why I love them.

M: The Metal scene in Germany seems to be very strong. How do you see it from the inside?

J: Yeah I think you are absolutely right. In Germany – especially in a city like Munich – you have lots of events big band and tours but also underground parties and is so much that it is impossible to go to all of them. Besides the big shoots Germany has also a very vivid underground with really good bands. At the moment the pagan wave is very strong - from my view the strongest of the different metal subgenres - and therefore especially in this field you find lots of bands.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

J: Thanks very much for the Interview Martin...and now last words:
Hello Spain... que passa? Give Sycronomica a try if you tend to like epic melodic black metal with symphonic elements. You best check us out on our MySpace page If you like it support Sycronomica and do not download the stuff...that really can kill underground bands...
In general don´t be narrow minded and stick to metal!

Cheers and Beers

Johannes & Sycronomica

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