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In Tormentata Quiete
Martín: Hi there! First of all introduce you and tell us about IN TORMENTATA QUIETE´s career.

Lorenzo: Hi, Lorenzo is speaking. Everything began in 1998, Antonio (while playing piano in his home) told me: “ listen to this... could you arrange something with your guitar?” Those were the first notes of “Hic et Nunc” from “I Tre Attimi del Silenzio”(our first ep). After a long time, many people joined the project and we are here now, to show our latest opus called “Teatroelementale” with great excitement!

M: “Teatroelementale” was recorded at FearStudio. How were the recording sessions? Are you satisfied with the results?

L: All our music were recorded at “Fear Studio”: we made this choice because there is a good feeling with the guys who work there. They have a lot of experience producing metal bands, and from the beginning they worked as real members of ITQ. To be also remarked cutting edge recording facilities and very good wine and tasteful “piadina” (a typical italian food similar to bread), all of it in a very pleasant ambience.

M: What are the differences between your past albums and this one?

L: I think that “Teatroelementale” is more complicated than the previous album, and hence less straightforward. In the first two cds we were immediately satisfied of our songs. While composing “Teatroelementale” we took more time to arrange the tracks because we wanted to express ourselves completely and do our best more than ever!

M: Your music is as brutal as melodic, very eclectic. How do you define it?

L: To be honest, I don't like the label folk / black / extreme / progressive / avantgard / metal, it's too knotty! Maybe “Metal” would sound better, even if i actually don't need to tie a tag. We just play what we feel and that's it. You can enjoy our music and share our emotions, nothing more.

In Tormentata Quiete

M: Is there a main concept in “Teatroelementale”? Where is the inspiration come from?

L: A common concept unites our works! This concept is based on the analysis of the “Man”! “Teatroelementale” is just the last chapter. “I Tre Attimi del Silenzio” was about the burden of Man's solitude! Our first full-lenght “In Tormentata Quiete”, described his inner struggle,(his thoughts etc...)while “Teatroelementale” explains how the Man realizes that he's alive and he can become his own master!

M: What can we expect about IN TORMENTATA QUIETE´s live on stage?

L: We are working now to set up a special live-show for our last release so we are going to ask playing in small historical theatres around Italy. Live performances are different from studio version, but we ensure to play with great passion!

M: How big is the scene where you are, any bands you think we should check out?

L: As you know, there are few italian bands known beyond the Alps. But i like very much the underground scene, there are many bands with great ideas. I could mention Malnatt, Domina Noctis, Vade Aratro, Lacerater, Neurasthenia and many more...

M: What is your opinion about music in our days with the internet and mp3 downloads?

L: Actually, internet is the best way to promote music (and ideas in general). If well used, everybody can became a star. But we may to consider that free circulation of music can really damage the musicians, above all the young bands.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

L: Thank you for giving space to our voice and opinions. Enjoy yourselves listening to “Teatroelementale”!

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