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Interview - LOCH VOSTOK

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Loch Vostok
Martín: Hello! First of all introduce LOCH VOSTOK and its musical career to our

Teddy: We started out in 2000 because we felt we needed to express ourselves
in as many musical styles as possible, I was always a very open listener
with such diverse influences as Venom, Bad Brains, Winger, Queensrÿche,
Dream Theater, Fates Warning or whatever and felt very limited in my
previous band Mayadome.

Loch Vostok has been described as “Universal Metal” because of the

M: Your new album “Reveal No Secrets” is full of influences such as Extreme
Metal or Progressive. How do you describe your own style?

T: I want to call it Ironic Progressive Regressive Metal, it’s
progressive in that shredalicious widdly kinda way, but it’s really just a
bunch of rehashed King Diamond riffs with nice drumming.

M: How it is the process to compose this kind of music?

T: I sit down and write it. That’s it really, if I have an hour or two
over I write music. I have a professional recording studio so I just turn on
my Cubase and start doing what I do best, compose songs.

M: Is there a main concept behind the album? What about the lyrics?

Fredrik: It’s about the loss of liberty in today’s society and governmental
cover-ups. Medias role of selling a desired image to the public. How much
are you willing to sacrifice for your individual freedom and how easily
would you sell it away? These kind of questions which seem to be even more
relevant now than when we wrote the lyrics.

M: The sound of this album is really good, how were the recording sessions?
Are you satisfied?

T: Niklas recorded Alvaros takes while I was on tour in the US with F.K.Ü. then when I came back I started doing guitar sound together with Niklas, all the recording sessions are easy, most stuff is well planned so there are seldom any problems, yeah I’m very happy with the sound…of course there are some things I would like to do different but overall, it’s all good.

M: Many Metal bands are making videos to promote its songs, are you planning
to film one?

T: Sure, send money to

Loch Vostok

M: What can we expect about LOCH VOSTOK´s live on stage?

F: Our goal is to entertain and have fun on stage, that is more interesting than playing every note perfectly. It’s the excuse we need to drink lotsa beer!

M: Can you choose two bands or artists with different styles that influenced
you to be a musician?

T: King Diamond, King Crimson

F: Ennio Morricone and Dissection

M: The Metal scene in Sweden seems to be very strong. How do you see it from
the inside?

F: There is not much of a scene really. There are lots of great bands
but very few places to play.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you
want as farewell.

T: Thanks for taking interest in our band, now go to youtube and check
out Pat Condell!

F: Cheerz

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