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Interview - THE OATH

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The Oath

Martín: Hi There! First of all tell us about the birth of your great new album “4” and its main concept.

Carcharoth (bass): Well, after the release of our 1st self-produced album “The End Of Times”, we were more motivated than ever to cross a new step concerning song & sound quality. The song writting was quite efficient, so it quickly appeared that we needed a bombastic sound for a powerfull music like ours. In fact, because of a rich music, Kohlekeller Studio was an easy choice for us. In this album, you can find all our love for extrem metal, but not only... A mix between black, death and dark-metal, with heavy and thrash-metal influences. The communion of 4 metal spirits... Perhaps can it helps to understand the title of the album!!!

M: What are the differences between “The End Of Times” and this one?

C: In my mind, “The End Of Times” is not a bad album, but it’s a 1st one... Song writting was longer, releasing the album too... There were some youth errors, but we are still proud of this album and happy to play live some of its songs!!! Waiting for “The End Of Times” to be released, we had time to write new material in a much more efficient and natural way... Songs appears more mature with more complex structures and a richer sound!!! With the help of Kristian Kohlmannslehner, these new songs sound killer and it’s the best way for us to present the diversity of our music, the variety of our influences, and so the symbolism of the “4”... With this new album, we finally have a war machine in our hands!!!

M: How were the recording sessions of the album? Are you satisfied with the results?

C: Oh yes, but “satisfied” is not the good word I think... It was a really good experience to record in Kohlekeller Studio because it’s a great place to record metal, with forests, moutains all around and castle Frankenstein just next too!!! He he!!! Recording was in a cool atmosphere and Kristian Kohlmannslehner is the good guy to help things to go well. Thanks to his experience with bands like Crematory, Agathodaimon, Benighted..., things were really easy, and as you can hear it, the result kick asses... During the recording sessions, Kristian was like our fifth member and thanks to him, “4” has got a sound more bombastic than expected!!! Well done...

M: How is the process to create that kind of music full of brutality and symphonic atmospheres?

C: In fact, it’s not so easy to explain... It was so natural for us to write such music!!! All songs have been written live during rehearsals... Some one arrives with a riff, and then, every member tries to write a song around it!!! It’s quite easy to marry brutality and symphonic atmospheres because, for example, our keyboard player plays also bass, and sometimes, guitar... As you can imagine, it really helps to create something with as much variety as homogeneity!!! And our own influences concerning metal, our past experiences help too... But with that kind of music, with keyboards, clean guitars..., sound is very important in order to restore the wealth of the songs, and I think we get it!!!

M: Where do you find the inspiration to create a new song?

C: What a difficult question... Music comes from our hearts, from what we want to listen to, from where we find the pleasure to play!!! It’s easier to explain our lyrical inspiration... Our songs, our riffs, our melodies are a reflection of our soul!!! “4” is about our vision of world, about misanthropy, self-destruction... It’s also about our fight against human beliefs and way of life!!! You can find all these ideas in the songs of our new album... A dark vision of life!!!

M: How do you feel being part of a label such as Code 666?

C: As you can imagine, we are really proud to be a part of a cult label like Code666 releasing albums from bands such as Negura Bunget, Aborym... It’s a great opportunity for us to have signed a deal with them!!! For the first time, The Oath is distributed worldwide and has a real support... With Code666, the new step is crossed and we are much more motivated to go ahead now!!! We are looking in the same direction and we really hope to work with them for a long time!!! In 2009, Code666 will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, as well as The Oath, so perhaps can you expect a little surprise...

M: Do you see Extreme Metal as somethig possitive or a complete madness?

C: The two at the same time!!! He he!!! You can find very positive bands and guys all around the world, who are just here for the love of metal, extrem or not... But traitors and music business are everywhere!!! We are trying to be as honest as we can, but it’s always harder to have a name within the international metal scene, and for that, it’s a complete madness... We are doing things as good as possible, with our own faith in music, contacts, network... It’s hard, but with a support like Code666, perhaps the pact between The Oath members will be stronger than everything!!!

M: Many extreme bands are making videos for its songs. Are you planning to make a video for one of your songs?

C: We really like to... We have the song, we have the ideas, but we need time and financial means, and we still don’t have found the good place to make it!!! We are in contact with a film director which is quite interested, but we would like to do things as well as possible and so we have to take the necessary time... Making a video just in order to show the world you have one is not interesting for us!!! Like with the songs and the sound of our album, we would like to present a video of professionnal quality... If not, we prefere to concentrate on other things, there are plenty to do to highlight the qualities of “4”!!!

M: What can we expect about THE OATH´s live on stage?

C: Total destruction!!! The Oath on stage is something very powerfull and intense... I’m sorry but you won’t have time to rest!!! We don’t have a particular show, we are just here to be efficient and to kick asses... We are here for you to headband, for you to slam, for you to mosh!!! More brutal will be the audience, more brutal will be our show!!! You have been warned...

M: How do you see Death Metal/Extreme Metal scene in France today?

C: There are plenty of good bands in France!!! France has a great past with bands like Massacra, Loudblast or Agressor... And now, bands like Gojira and Dagoba are here to highligth the quality of french metal scence, but in a more commercial way!!! You can also find great names in extrem metal with Benighted, Destinity, Nehemah, Antaeus, Arkhon Infaustus, Belenos... But for all these bands, present and future is outside of France!!! To find a record label able to spread your name worldwide, to find gigs is always easier in foreign countries like Germany or Netherlands for example... When you are French, it’s always a difficulty more, abroad or in our own country!!! The problem is the same for us, and that’s why we are very proud to have signed a deal with an Italian record label... Best feedback comes from other countries and I think our future is beyond the borders!!!

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

C: Thanks a lot for the interest and support!!! That’s always a pleasure to answer such questions... So, don’t hesitate to visit our MySpace page on in order to have a hear on some songs taken from “4”!!! We are now signing a deal with a booking agency, so prepare yourselves, The Oath is going to burn some stages during the next month... Together as one, the adventure goes on!!!

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