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Interview - EBOLA

English text

Martín: Hello! Your debut album is out now, tell us about the begining of this project and the birth of “Infernal Revelation”.

Mihu: Hellz mate! We started to work on our debut in the ending months of 2005. At that time we have even recorded a promo with the tracks for the debut album, but unfortunatelly shortly after that we have had problems with the line-up. Our drummer decided to leave and we needed a lot of time to find a replacement for him since there are very little good Death Metal drummers here in our town. While searching for another skullcrusher the ways of ours and our vocalist departed and since then Ebola became a duo consisting of Shyha and me. Both of us took over the vocal duties but we still needed a drummer and finally found him. After that we recorded another promo of “Infernal Revelation” and send it over to Eryk. He liked what he heard and shortly after that we entered the studio. You know the rest.

M: Your music is a brutal piece of Old School. How is the process to create that kind of music?

M: The process is quite simple when you’re a Metal freak and then you just play what sits in your head hahaha! We never spend hours on thinking how each riff should look like. When it comes to writing tracks to Ebola it’s rather spontanious and straight forward. Not much more to say about it...

M: How were the recording sessions of the album? Are you satisfied with the results?

M: We have recorded “Infernal Revelation” in Metal Sound Studio which belongs to Poland – guitarist of an old Polish Thrash Metal band Monastery. He is a really cool dude and a true Metal Maniac. These things make that he knows his job with recording Metal bands very well. He gave us many good advices but at the same time his interfearance in the whole stuff didn’t have place. You can work there in very comfortable and friendly conditions. That’s why we are satisfied of the results and also because the sound of this album really shreds!!! It’s dirty but also, let’s say, professional at the same time!

M: Which themes inspire you to create a new song?

M: Life hahaha! Mostly it’s religion, stupidity of mankind and typical topics like death, violence and such nice things.

M: Do you see Death Metal as something positive or a complete madness?

M: I would describe it as a positive madness. It also depends on what you consider as something positive. For me Death Metal and Metal music in general is full of great energy that makes my engine running! And for example when I hear some hip-hop or fuckin’ r’n’b I get nervous and aggressive hahaha! And madness is creative that’s why I would describe Death Metal like that because it’s mostly made by creative people.

M: Many extreme bands are making videos to promote songs, what is your opinion about making videos?

M: It’s good as long as the video is good. We also have a video. It was made to a track “Burning Garments of Jehovah” which was released on “Hell Bestial Desecration” split CD w/Bloodthirst. It consisted of some live shots put together...nothing much really but it came up really awesome and aggressive in my opinion. When it comes to some extreme bands videos I can’t say which one made such a good impression on me. But in my opinion a Metal video should be aggressive, brutal and kick you in the balls just like the music! Then everything is o.k.

M: Are you planning to play alive?

M: At the moment we are concentrating on recording the stuff for the split with Canadian Begrime Exemious, so no plans for any live shows at the moment.

M: Your country has successful bands such as BEHEMOTH or VADER but, Is Poland a good country to play Death Metal from the underground?

M: Yes, underground is also very strong or even stronger than what the official scene has to offer. The Black/Death Metal scene in Poland is one of the best in the world with such bands as Azarath, Throneum, Hetzer, Exhalation, Gortal, Infernal War, Supreme Lord and many more...also some old bands that unfrotunatelly don’t exist anymore like Damnation or Ahret Dev show the great potential of Polish scene.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

M: Cheers for the support and see you in Hell!!!

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