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Resonance Room
Martín: Hello. Your debut album is out now via My Kingdom Music, tell us about this effort and the past of the band.

Resonance Room: Hi Martin, it’s a pleasure to talk to you and NOIZZ Webzine. The journey of the band began in 2003 with the moniker “fragment”. We released 2 demo “fragment” (2004) and “Way down to hell” (2006). After a few line-up changes, we changed our moniker in “Resonance Room”. During 2007 we significantly rearranged the songs of our previous EP . We took this decision because we were aware that the songs could express more; We felt that we could bring them to a higher level expressing better the feelings and the ideas which they already contained. In the following months we wrote the other songs, this helped us to understand how the new line-up worked well. It has been like a test for us.
In early 2008, finished the compositive session, we started with the recording session at Riccardo Failla’s “Resonance Home” recording studio. “Unspoken” is the result of what has been done so far by the band with the desire to constantly improve.

M: “Unspoken” sounds oniric, powerfull and dark. Are you satisfied with the result? How were the recording sessions of the album?

RR: Despite we are very pleased by the result, we won't cease to search improve our music. The recording sessions were very exciting and the band has found some new ideas during them.

M: Gothic Metal, Doom, Melancholic Rock, Progressive... Which is your definition for RESONANCE ROOM´s sound?

RR: We don't like labelling ourselves. We let all the influences we have merge spontaneously into the composition process.

M: Words such as death, love, dreams, innocence, solitude, emptiness, madness, pain... are related to your lyrics. Is it hard to explore the dark side of life to make songs? How do you feel with it?

RR: Every man in this world has to fight everyday against the dark side of life.
All of us, more or less consciously, have to live wrapped up in the huge web of feelings that everyday’s experiences bring us. So we think a good way to face the dark side is to write about it, trying to exorcise it...and it’s not always easy, because you’ve got to figure out something like the pain for the loss of someone you love and the consequent solitude, and it’s often a difficult and wearing process.

Resonance Room

M: “Unspoken” is the title of the album and the title of the last track. Tell us about this song and the story behind.

RR: The concept revolves around the story of a family formed by his father and his son, where his mother died when the child was only 5 years. The father has not endured the pain for the loss of his wife and is often caught by crisis of nerves. The situation worsens when the father begins to talk alone, he says of seeing the ghost of the deceased wife, who begs him to let her rest in peace by telling the truth about her death. Thus in the song “blood red” He tells that the day of Her death He had collected Her from the ground, His hands were soil with blood, and gripped in panic ran away with his son. Later he continue to have visions of his wife, he will pray for her and for her soul, until for the desperation, he will vain try suicide (In solitude). From that sad day have almost passed 24 years, the son goes every day to find his father and tells their sad story to those who are willing to listen. When He was 5 years hold He found a gun rummaging in an old drawer. The gun was cold and heavy, different from the other toys, but a child can not understand why...

I don’t tell anymore about the concept, I left the pleasure of discover the final to the listeners.

M: The artwork of the album is very close to the music with its dark melancholy. What is your opinion about that?

RR: We believe it is important to have emphasized the environmental and psycho-emotional aspect of the concept of "Unspoken" including graphics; the front cover, as the interior illustrations are related to the texts, each other so as to be able to give the visual suggestions of some key passages. Helps to get in some subtle folds of the events, thoughts and emotions of which the characters are the protagonists of the story.

M: Are you planning to play live?

RR: Of course, we are organising some live in Sicily and (if possible) in northern Italy.

M: How do you see Dark music in our days? What about the Italian scene?

RR: Dark music has a good following in northern Europe, the Italian scene has several new bands, but they fail to emerge in the European scene.

M: Can you choose two bands or artists who influenced you to be a musician?

RR: Pain of salvation and Katatonia

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

RR: Nice to meet you, for news and previews visit our page on, a greeting to all the readers of Noizz Webzine.

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