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Defect Designer
Martín: Hello! First of all introduce DEFECT DESIGNER and its musical career to our

Defect Designer: ¡Hola!

M: Your debut album “WAX” is full of influences such as Extreme
Metal or Progressive. How do you describe your own style?

DD: It is strange and interesting now to read and know the opinions of the rest of the world for our debut CD because it completely differs with what we hear here and to tell you the truth it a bit differs with how we’d define it.

The main influence is definitely not “progressive” metal. I mean when we’re thinking of bands that influenced (contributed with their existance ;) ) us in this very work it is not bands that can ba called “prog metal” or “prog rock”, e.t.c. bands. But surely in some point they can be called progressive, for example, when we take Metallica’s Justice, I think it is extremely progressive heavy music for 1988. But Metallica is not prog metal.

So the core is “straight forward” and even “raw” bands – living classics. Everyone’s favourites.

As for us, it’s better to have listener’s opinion. Cause we’ll be definitely wrong describing ourselves! Well, what we have here now a bit differs from what we have in our heads, with some exceptions.

I’d say that our promo CD, “W” that we recorded in Siberia is definitely a deathcore work. And a full-length is more death metal. Even re-recorded things. Something became more straight and more pure. Siberian death metal!

M: How it is the process to compose this kind of music?

DD: I was always afraid to forget thoughts lurking in my head. Sounds. So the best way was to record it and play with tunes. That is it – when I was adding the second guitar song was changing it’s face and becoming to my opinion more interesting. When you for example listen “Choice Cuts” song, it’s better to listen one channel, then the other, then both. The result will differ, cause you’d get three different songs. Not absolutely different but different. But probably it’s only my opinion, but I believe someone would definitely come to similar point! :))

Writing stuff is always amazing! Song should be an interesting construction and it should present you with surprises!

M: Is there a main concept behind the album? What about the lyrics?

DD: There is no giant concept all over the album or probably my brain didn’t come to this point. It definitely has one mode cause we recorded it by one studio take. If we had large pauses, it’d be harder to call all work one album.
But I’d prefer to have a rest not to make it too nervous session!

Now I think that the main lyric direction and stream of thoughts if defoliation in all sensations. Defoliation of mind and flesh. See the man on the cover artwork? All withered departed resemble wax. When Your Face Doesn’t Melt Snowflakes.

Defect Designer

M: The sound of this album is really good, how were the recording sessions?
Are you satisfied?

DD: I am happy you like the sound, really! As I have already said, the session was really nervous for me as an author and it brought a lot of interesting new unexpected solutions during work. I only wish we had more time but there is a proverb in russian: “there is always not enough breath before death” :))
We were leaving the studio the last day – morning and Slavek, our engineer, asked: “Well, guys, do you like the sound?”.
We said, yes! “And what is your favourite sound, Slavek?”.
“Yours, definitely”, - and he added, - “we always work so that make better and better sound each session, try to do every step better”.
It is true. We were tired, smiled and said: “Good buy!”
Actually the sound was the first thing that surprised us – it was different from what we expected. But now I can put a CD of my band on shelf with my icons and not be ashamed with the sound.
Still there is no reason to be satisfied for us – I hope to go further.

M: Many extreme bands are making videos to promote its songs, are you planning
to film one?

DD: If we have an opportunity. We’d like to do it. But most bands just film a show and combine it with studio sound. It is better to have no videos at all than to have such thing! :)) It is just not interesting.

M: What can we expect about DEFECT DESIGNER´s live on stage?

DD: It is a painful question! When we recorded the CD we were green. Now things are better. But one thing we could not explain to engineers in the studio was – there was a big chance of having no gigs at all.
We play more and more often and I hope we’ll have an opportunity to spread territories. But there is one fact about playing live here – fact that interferes with common sense.

I do not know how things are in Europe.. I think it may happen only in Russia. Famous bands start visiting our hole from time to time but it’s really rare! From 2005 we had Pungent Stench, Pain, Soilwork, Tiamat, Soulfly and Helheim.

How gigs with famous artists are being done here in Russia:
When I heard of Soulfly coming to Novosibirsk, I asked an organizer whether it is possible to play same gig on “warm up”. The answer I got has taken me aback. ”You have to pay to play the same show 1 000 Eur (thousand euros)”!!! Shock! You are the artist and to play you have to pay!!!

I asked people and they said it’s a regular scheme for other cities, Moscow, e.t.c.

When I heard of Napalm Death plans to visit our city, the answer from local organizer was the same. You have to pay local enemies of music business to play with your “icon”.

Is the situation the same in Europe or States?

Our stage is being strangled by such parasites. “If you can’t create, destroy.. and you’ll be paid for not doing it”. Barbarity.

Defect Designer

M: Can you choose two bands or artists with different styles that influenced
you to be a musician?

DD: Every concert with icons we saw influenced us!
But if we choose only two artists for main influence it’s definitely Nirvana and Metallica. Nirvana (and for me especially “Unplugged” album) forces a youngster to take a guitar. Metallica forces to play it!

M: Russia is a big country but we only know few Metal bands from there. Tell us about your country and its Metal scene.

DD: Well, I told you a bit about how business is being done here. I think if we hadn’t such things, you’d know more bands. By the way, what bands have you heard about? Can we consider Rage with Victor Smolski to be “our band”? :))
For me the beginning of Russian scene is (early) Korrozia Metalla.
Our scene.. it’s Catharsis for melodic metal, Aria for a russian copy of Iron Maiden (in translation), Drama for black metal (our Immortal), Demon Project for industrial metal, Boney NEM – the most notorious now for every style! Sorry if I have forgotten someone!

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you
want as farewell.

DD: Los mejores votos, que lo pase muy bien!
Friends, we wish you all to have a great time and lots of music discoveries! Be true to yourself and smash your barriers!

In Noizz Veritas!

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