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The Few Against Many
Martín: Hi there! Your debut album is out now; tell us about the beginning of this project and the birth of “Sot”.

Anders Edlund: Hi there! Christian had some songs that he didn´t knew where to put. In which band, that is. It didn’t suited any of his other engagements like Miseration or Torchbearer so he decided to form a completely new outfit. That one is the one more known as The Few Against Many, today. He called some of his old friends up and wondered if they were interested in joining him for this band.

M: All the members of THE FEW AGAINST MANY are playing in other bands. Is this a main band or a side project?

A: I don’t think it’s fair to call it a main priority or a less prioritised band. It is a band as several others and we put just as much effort into TFAM as any other band. But of course we have other engagements too that demands some time from us. You have to prioritise your time well and everyone will be happy. If you put focus into the band most important at the specific time, everything will be solved smoothly.

M: How were the recording sessions of the album? Are you satisfied with the results?

A: The recording session went just fine. It took about 4 months to complete the album from when the first tunes were layed down until it was mastered. And we are most pleased with the final result. Since we used Plec as engineer and producer. That guy know us so well and know exactly how we want the outcome to be, there are never any problems.

M: The lyrics are almost entirely in your native language. What themes inspire the songs? Is there a main concept behind “Sot”?

A: The main theme is circling around the medieval but the lyrics is at the other hand more to get an atmosphere going on together with the music. Sot is mainly a really suiting name for the album, as well as a song title on it. Short and “punshy”, so to say.

M: Talking about the lyrics, what about the special guests in the album?

A: The intension from the beginning was to write the album entirely in English but we changed it to Swedish during the recording of vocals. That´s why the guest vocals are written in English. They were written long before we entered the studio. The reason behind Jonas and Stannes work on the album is merely a result of Christian being a good friend to both of them and that he likes their lyrical-vein.

The Few Against Many

M: Many extreme bands are making videos to promote their songs. Are you planning to film a video for one of your songs?

A: Yes, we are planning on doing a video for one of the songs from the album. We haven’t decided yet which one it will be, thou. But this is an important part, as you say, to promote the album. So keep your eyes open

M: Are you planning to play alive?

A: Absolutely! And hopefully we will do some touring as well. It’s not planned yet but we’ll keep our eyes open for a suitable package.

M: Sweden is one of the most important countries for Death Metal. How do you see the scene from the inside?

A: Well, I think there is a big myth about Sweden that there are concerts every day. At least I’ve talked with a lot of persons from abroad that think so, since there are so many bands hailing from our country. But I’d say it’s the opposite. Sure, it’s easy to see Swedish bands but it’s rare to see bands from Europe and the U.S that are not extremely big and not really small, those who are somewhere in between. They never come touring in Sweden, unfortunately! And I think it’s a big shame. When it comes to our own bands I think there are many really good bands from Sweden but also a lot of “shitty” bands, that get too big exposure in magazines and media.

M: What is your opinion about music in our days with the internet and mp3 downloads?

A: It’s a complex issue. I’d say there are both positive and negative aspects to it. The positive is that almost anyone get the chance to hear your music. The most negative aspect is that it is a real back draft for the bands that doesn’t do tours since they can’t regain money for tours what they loose on record sales. I don’t want to go any deeper into this issue since there are so many different angels to it, both positive and negative. But too complex to get you a good answer.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

A: Thank you for your interest in The Few Against Many and I hope everyone get the chance to hear our music. It has something for everyone. Cheers!!

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