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Interview - VALKYRJA

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Martín: Hello! First of all introduce VALKYRJA and its musical career to our readers.

Valkyrja was shaped in 2004, released demo material during 2005 and released the debut album in 2007 via Northern Silence Productions (CD/12”). A cassette version of “The Invocation...” appeared in 2008 and again as a CD re-release via Metal Blade Records in July ’09.

M: Your debut album “The Invocation of Demise” has been re-released via Metal Blade Records. Is there any difference between the original edition and this one?

Only the artwork. There were no interest in adding some additional material as filler – all too many bands destroy their work that way.

M: What themes inspired the album? What about the lyrics?

The forbidden side of our nature forced itself into the making. The album – both lyrically and musically – is a manifestation of the predator within us.

M: You are recording at Necromorbus Studio the second album. Can you tell about the recording sessions?

The recording session is finished and about to be mixed these following days. Expect the result later this year / early 2010.

M: What can you tell about the new stuff?

We have developed on different levels, using new elements but for the same purpose as before. The faster parts are more violent, the slower are parts more haunting and the overall atmosphere carries a deathlike essence.

M: How it is the process to compose this kind of music full of darkness and epic feelings?

Well, inspiration can´t be found every time. I can´t force myself to write music, it has to be the right moment, and that “moment” varies from time to time. Generally it´s about isolation, just me and the music, all everyday life has to be put aside.

M: What can we expect about VALKYRJA´s live on stage?

Valkyrja live is a violent happening, a manifestation of the most malignant energies taking form. Unlike many other bands a Valkyrja appearance is a kick toward the spine – not to bruise but crush.

M: Can you choose two bands or artists with different styles that influenced you to be a musician?

S.W. As a kid when I first picked up the guitar I really enjoyed Kiss for their extreme live shows, Judas Priest for their heavy metal, Ritchie Blackmore for his guitar playing and Angus Young (AC/DC) who was a guitar playing front man. All this was my father’s fault, who also is a musician and probably the one who influenced me most.

A.L. I grew up in a home where old rock music was always present. I cannot recall at this moment any specific influential names, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Iron maiden, Whitesnake, AC/DC and similar acts were stand-outs.

M: Sweden is one of the most important countries for Black / Death Metal. How do you see the scene from the inside?

Like everything else, I guess. Some gems are hidden beneath the vast piles of shit.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

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