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Enochian Theory
Martín: Hi there! Your first full length is out now. How do you feel about it?

Ben: Greetings Martin, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.

We are pleased with how the record came out because it's a step forward from our previous E.P... and that's all we can ask for really.
As long as we are moving forward, continuing to push ourselves and not become stagnant...then we are happy.

It's also a mark of achievement for us considering there was time at the end of 2007 when we almost imploded as a band and as individuals...but we've done this new record and it's a testament to a group of guys who simply will not give up something they love doing.

We feel it is a more than adequate representation of where we are 'musically' and 'personally' at this time...the future will yield different paths I'm sure, but for now...We are pleased to have completed 'Evolution: Creation Ex Nihilio' and can look forward to playing the songs live.

The response thus far has been rather overwhelming, so it's all exciting, scary and interesting all at once.

We just want to get the record out to as wide reaching as possible and hopefully get on the road to support it.

M: Tell us about the recording sessions and the production of “Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio”.

B: I began writing the music in early 2008 and we finished everything as band in about 3-4 months.

We then recorded the record at 3 different studios over a 2-3 month period and the final sessions were sent to Sweden to be mixed by David Castillo at his Ghostward Studio.

We needed to get this record done after we came to the realisation that time waits for no man and having not written any new material for almost 2 years due to various was a massive relief just to get all this s**t out of our systems and be creative once more without certain aspects overshadowing us.

As with any recording, there are ups and downs...but everything came out as best it could with what we had...and we cannot be more thankful than that.
It is sonically and musically better than our previous E.P... so our main point of not stagnating is in order.

M: Is there a main concept behind the album? What about the lyrics?

B: There's is no 'set' theme behind the record, but more a collection of themes making up a whole... and that 'whole' is Life... and all it entails.

I do not like talking about my lyrics or what they are about because that's something I like to keep for myself...but there is a feeling of relief in the record.
We fought hard to do what we could with what we had and no one can take that away from us.

The title of the record offers many ideas...but one I will share is that we've evolved as a band and as people...and we created this record from nothing when we needed it...that's ONE of the ideas behind the title...

M: Your music is as eclectic as complex. How is the process to create that kind of music?

B: Most of the music on this record stemmed from a rather odd time in my life and the collective bands life where I didn't know who I was anymore and we didn't know what we were doing anymore.
So that's a factor in it's creation for sure.

I started locking myself away at home in early 2008 and simply demoing riff after riff and section after section, trying to create a record that meant something to me and one that I knew Shaun and Sam would understand and welcome as if it was their own...which of course, if became as soon as they started doing what they do best over it...and that's making my ideas become complete songs.

It's cheesy, but those guys complete my creative triangle...with each of us standing at the 3 points.
Without those guys anchoring me and without having something like ENOCHIAN THEORY to write for... I would probably have done something I shouldn't have by now... like kill myself, someone else or become a bureaucrat... which is rather silly now isn't it?

The band worked on the songs until we were happy with them as a it's a rather accurate reflection of who we are as people.

There are so many descriptive words I could use to cover the emotions in the record...but that would be pointless, as it's quite obvious that we ran the 'emotional gauntlet' more than once during the writing and recording...and I think that is reflected on the almost 'schizophrenic yet triumphant' feeling runs through it all.

Enochian Theory

M: The album has been released on your own record label. Why?

B: One simply word...Control.

We knew from day one that trying to get 'signed' is a thankless task and I've seen some of my friends bands try it and simple become so disillusioned with it all that they've given up music totally... we NEVER wanted to lose something that we love so dearly.

So with this in mind, we started our own label to work for the interests of the band, and anything else we do musically.

We're learning everyday and just having everything in arms reach makes it all that more personal for us.
The band has discussed a few times how we're not sure we could 'trust' anyone else to do things for us... however, we are not stupid enough to suggest that we don't need help or would reject it out of hand... that's not what we're saying. We're saying that at this stage of our evolution... we are happy to keep things under our control and do everything we can to work towards getting our music out there.

If a bigger label wanted to work with us in the future, then we'd listen...but as I said, we're learning everyday and we're doing a pretty damn good job for a bunch of guys who've only their mistakes to learn from.
The business aspect of it all is something we recognise and we do not have a problem with that, as long as it stays away from the creative side, then all is well.

M: “Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio” has a great image. Tell us about the artwork.

B: Robin Portnoff is the rather clever fellow who created the artwork for the new album and we feel it is a rather fitting collection of work that represents what the record is about...and we are really pleased to have found someone literally hundreds of miles away from us who knows us so well...if that makes sense.

We sent Robin a basic theme for the record, some bits of lyrics and simply said “There you go friend, Interpret that as you see fit”... it's a wonderful and absorbing piece of art...and one that we feel is right for the band.

We are very much looking forward to working with Robin in the future and we hope that the album does well so that more people will know about his abilities... although I'd be lying if I didn't say we want to keep him all to ourselves!

It's just really good to know there is someone out there who we can truly relate on an artistic level.

I had to admit that I was sceptical when Shaun and Sam suggested finding an external artist because we've always done everything ourselves, but just knowing there is at least one person worthy of our trust and friendship restores a little bit of faith in humanity for me...not a lot, but enough.

M: ENOCHIAN THEORY plays a kind of Progressive Metal. What is your opinion about the evolution of this gender and the new waves?

B: People can label the music anything they like, I know people have to keep everything nice and neat.

'Prog Metal', as with any other genre has its good points and its bad points.
There is only good music and bad music... some bands are good, some are not...but that's just our opinion.
People can take it as gospel or reject out of hand... it's their call.

We know what we like and listing all the acts that we like, not just within this charming genre we call 'metal', but in ALL music... would take a long time... so I won't bother.

I'd pay to see some acts with 'Prog Metal'...but other I cannot stomach...

In all honesty, I have never really observed the progression of this genre we are currently swimming in... but as I said, there's good and there's bad.

M: What is your opinion about the internet and mp3 downloads?

B: The internet is what it is... good and bad.

File Sharing will always be about while there are things to share...but people will still come to shows and watch bands, because it's all well and good listening on your computer... but any music fan worth their salt knows that the live arena is where they should be.

I cannot say I have never 'acquired' music in such a way, but that is purely only to listen to check it out because if I like it, I always buy the CD because I'm a fan of not only supporting the artist/band, but also because having the artwork and the CD in my hand is much more fulfilling than having a bit of data being converted to audio...

My logic is that if people want to share music, so be it, I cannot stop it and it';s not my place to either...but always support the artists you like.
If you want all this great music to continue, then help out the little guys by buying their crappy CD...

M: Your Top Five albums?

B: As a band, we've never really discussed this question...we've been asked it a few times but have always declined, as I think we'd simply argue over it!

So I will politely side step this question and say that listing 5 albums would be futile as there are so many records that are amazing, yet there are albums where one song is incredible, while the other songs suck... yet it makes that album... if you follow my meaning... so it's a rather difficult question to answer.

We all like different music within the band.

I cannot answer it on a personal level as I've already thought of about 30 albums just off the top of my head that I'd need to write down...and it's gaining more and more with each passing second!

M: Thank you very much for your time. Here you have space to write what you want as farewell.

B: Thank you to your and your readers, and we hope you can enjoy the new record.
I hope we can see you all on tour in the near future.

Darkest Regards,

(on behalf of Enochian Theory)

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