miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Lo nuevo de BEHEMOTH

Ya se puede escuchar un nuevo tema del próximo álbum de BEHEMOTH "Evangelion", se trata de "Ov Fire and the Void" y está disponible en su myspace. Sencillamente genial.

(music and lyrics by Nergal)

“The divine is God's concern; the human, man's. My concern is neither the divine nor the human, not the true, good, just, free, etc., but solely what is mine, and it is not a general one, but is -- unique, as I am unique. Nothing is more to me than myself!”
Max Stirner

I the Sun ov man
the offspring ov the stellar race
my halo fallen and crushed upon the earth
that I may bring balance to this world

I son ov perdition
from sheer nothingness transgressed
unto the highest self – to utmost freedom
to explore the starry nature ov my rage

I pulse ov existence
the law ov nature undenied
I hold the torch ov Heraclites
so I can shake the earth and move the suns

I divine Iconoclast
injecting chaos into my veins
with life accepted
with pain resurrected
is the embrace ov god in man profound

the joy ov a dawn
the ecstasy ov dusk
nourished have I this karmic flow
where great above meets great below
let it be written!
let it be done!
scattered I walk towards the fractured light

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